Hello, fellow explorers! I’m Gin Seah, the voice behind the scenes at AAB Kyoto. My journey with Japan began at the age of 11, when I first visited the enchanting Miyazaki.

Since then, Japan has become my second home, guiding me through the hidden gems of Hakone, the bustling streets of Tokyo, the flavors of Osaka, the tranquility of Yamagata, the winter wonderland of Sapporo, the serene Kawaguchiko, the picturesque landscapes of Shizuoka, and more.

From Kanazawa’s cultural richness to Takayama’s timeless charm, from the fairytale village of Shirakawa-go to the historic allure of Kyoto, each destination holds a special place in my heart.
However, it’s Kyoto that whispered “home,” and here I’ve chosen to settle.
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