10 Best Luxury Hotels In Kyoto That Redefine Elegance

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Indulge in a world of opulence as we unveil the finest luxury hotels nestled in the heart of Kyoto. From serene traditional ryokans to modern marvels boasting breathtaking views, these accommodations redefine extravagance. Discover elegant rooms, impeccable service, and exquisite dining experiences that will elevate your stay to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in Japanese hospitality at its finest with our curated selection of top-notch establishments.

Prepare to be swept off your feet as we delve into reviews of our handpicked gems, where luxury meets comfort seamlessly. Scroll down for an insider’s look at our top picks!

Key Takeaways

  • Stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, for a luxurious experience with stunning views of the Kamogawa River.
  • Indulge in the impeccable service and serene ambiance of the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, perfect for a relaxing getaway.
  • Experience traditional Japanese hospitality at Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Kyoto, nestled in a peaceful setting.
  • Immerse yourself in contemporary luxury at the Park Hyatt Kyoto, known for its modern design and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Discover the serene retreat of Aman Kyoto, where minimalist beauty harmonizes with nature for a truly unique stay.
  • Enjoy a blend of modern comfort and Japanese tradition at Kyoto Hotel Okura, offering a perfect balance for discerning travelers.
  • Explore the historic Gion district while staying at The Celestine Kyoto Gion, a stylish hotel with easy access to cultural landmarks.
  • Unwind in the heart of Kyoto at Hotel Granvia Kyoto, conveniently located above Kyoto Station for seamless travel.
  • Experience a mix of traditional and modern elegance at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto, ideal for both leisure and business travelers.
  • Immerse yourself in the charm of a traditional machiya townhouse at Kanra Kyoto, blending authenticity with luxury amenities.

10 Best Luxury Hotels In Kyoto

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, as a haven of luxury with mesmerizing views of the Kamogawa River

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Kyoto, The Ritz-Carlton is a haven of luxury that offers mesmerizing views of the Kamogawa River. Known for its extraordinary hospitality, the hotel ensures a lavish experience for its guests.

The charm of the hotel is further enhanced by a traditional Japanese garden, adding a touch of authenticity to its allure. An on-site Michelin-starred restaurant, Tempura Mizuki, guarantees an unforgettable culinary journey for the guests.

The hotel’s concierge services are always at hand to assist with reservations and provide recommendations for nearby tourist attractions, enabling guests to fully immerse themselves in the Kyoto experience.

The terrace of the main building serves as a tranquil space for guests to relax and take pleasure in the amenities offered by The Ritz-Carlton. This hotel is the epitome of sophistication and comfort, making it the perfect choice for visitors to Kyoto.

Adding to its appeal, The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, is the first luxury urban resort in Japan. It features 134 guest rooms with traditional Japanese motifs. The hotel also offers a spa for ultimate rejuvenation and a variety of activities. The hotel is within walking distance of Gion, which offers the region’s finest shopping and entertainment.

2. Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

Surrounded by temples and gardens in a historic district, the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto offers guests a blend of modern design with traditional elements in its spacious rooms. The hotel’s tranquil spa serves as a sanctuary for relaxation, complemented by a variety of dining options on-site.

The serene spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto offers a luxurious retreat for guests seeking rejuvenation. A range of treatments and therapies are available for guests to unwind and enhance their stay.

Each room at the hotel is equipped with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs and sophisticated furnishings, offering both comfort and style. The amalgamation of modern elements with traditional Japanese aesthetics crafts a unique ambiance for visitors to relish.

Situated in a location that allows guests to delve into Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage[1], this luxury hotel provides exceptional hospitality services. Whether guests choose to explore nearby attractions or simply relax within the hotel’s peaceful environment, an unforgettable stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is guaranteed.

The Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, which opened in 2016, features a sushi bar and a tea house by a pond in the Shakusuien Japanese garden, as well as a Western-style restaurant and a lounge. The hotel offers spa facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, two whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms, and seven spa treatment rooms.

There is also a 24-hour fitness center with a variety of equipment and machines. The hotel is located 1 km from Kiyomizu-dera Temple and 2 km from Tofuku-ji Temple. Kansai International Airport is a 75-minute train ride away.

3. Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Kyoto

Suiran, a tranquil sanctuary situated along the peaceful Hozu River in Arashiyama, serves as a luxurious haven for those seeking an enriching experience. The hotel is renowned for its sophisticated Japanese-style rooms, each equipped with private open-air baths, seamlessly blending modern opulence with traditional sukiya architecture.

The hotel offers a collection of 39 rooms, including six specialty rooms, each inspired by traditional Japanese culture, providing a truly enriching and indigenous experience. Some rooms and suites feature scenic views of Kyoto’s Arashiyama Mountain.

Staying at Suiran not only means indulging in high-end accommodations but also enjoying proximity to famous attractions like the Bamboo Forest and Tenryuji Temple.

This prime location, just a 15-minute stroll from JR Saga Arashiyama Station and a 3-minute stroll from Tenryuji Temple, which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, enables guests to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Kyoto while soaking in the panoramic vistas of the stunning natural landscape.

Suiran distinguishes itself as a boutique hotel, excelling in delivering exceptional room service. The hotel’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in its bedroom suites, each thoughtfully designed to ensure guests enjoy a memorable stay marked by elegance and comfort.

The hotel houses an on-site restaurant, Kyo-Suiran, that serves a fusion of Japanese kaiseki (traditional multi-course) meals and French cuisine. For those seeking a luxury getaway that encapsulates authentic Japanese allure amidst awe-inspiring scenery, Suiran stands out as a premier choice among Kyoto’s selection of high-end accommodations.

4. Park Hyatt Kyoto

Set in the historic district of Higashiyama, Park Hyatt Kyoto offers a harmonious blend of age-old Japanese architecture and contemporary luxury. The hotel offers a tranquil retreat from the bustling streets of Higashiyama, with rooms that offer awe-inspiring views of either the city skyline or the meticulously manicured garden.

The hotel’s serene spa is a haven for those seeking relaxation, offering a range of rejuvenating treatments. For gourmands, the hotel houses several fine dining options, promising a memorable culinary journey. The cherry on top is the rooftop bar, where visitors can relax while taking in panoramic views of Kyoto.

Park Hyatt Kyoto’s signature suite, reminiscent of a luxurious villa, offers exquisite views of the famed Yasaka Pagoda, Kyoto’s urban expanse, and the dramatic sunset. With 70 guest rooms, including 9 suites, the spaces at Park Hyatt Kyoto are both thoughtful and tranquil.

Situated close to the Kodai-ji Temple and surrounded by the Higashiyama landscape, the hotel boasts panoramic views of Kyoto City and the Yasaka Pagoda. Designed as a hillside retreat, Park Hyatt Kyoto provides guests with a genuine and sensitive Kyoto experience.

The Park Hyatt Kyoto is more than just a place to stay; it’s an immersive journey into Japanese culture and hospitality. Every guest is guaranteed an unforgettable and incredible stay at this exceptional luxury hotel, located in one of Japan’s most iconic cities.

Aman Kyoto as a peaceful haven for visitors seeking a serene escape in the heart of nature

5. Aman Kyoto

Hidden within a secluded forest, Aman Kyoto serves as a peaceful haven for visitors yearning for a serene escape in the heart of nature. The resort offers opulent villas, each boasting its own private garden, enabling guests to fully engage with the stunning natural landscape.

Aman Kyoto distinguishes itself by providing natural hot spring baths, or onsens, which significantly enrich the relaxation and rejuvenation experience. This distinctive feature seamlessly merges contemporary luxury with traditional Japanese elements, enhancing the overall stay.

Aman Kyoto prides itself on delivering personalized experiences, setting it apart from other luxury accommodations in Kyoto. Guests can look forward to bespoke services tailored to their individual preferences and requirements, fostering a sense of exclusivity and meticulous attention to detail throughout their stay.

Aman Kyoto includes its proximity to Kyoto’s golden Kinkaku-ji Temple and 16 other UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The resort’s accommodations embrace a minimalist ryokan aesthetic, framing the spectacular natural surroundings in the resort’s secret forest.

The resort also offers a variety of dining options, including Taka-An, which showcases the art of Japanese hospitality, and the Living Pavilion, which serves both Western and local cuisines. The resort is located in the foothills of the iconic Hidari Daimonji mountain, in Kyoto’s northern Takagamine district, about 30 minutes by car from Kyoto Station.

6. Kyoto Hotel Okura

Situated near Kyoto Station, the Kyoto Hotel Okura is a haven of convenience for those wishing to traverse the city with ease. Its strategic location near various transport links provides effortless access to a multitude of attractions and landmarks scattered across Kyoto.

The hotel offers its guests the opportunity to luxuriate in expansive rooms that artfully combine contemporary conveniences with elements of traditional Japanese design. This harmonious blend results in a distinctive and immersive experience for those seeking both luxury and a taste of the local culture during their stay.

Culinary aficionados will find themselves spoilt for choice at the Kyoto Hotel Okura. The hotel houses several restaurants that serve a broad spectrum of flavors, ranging from authentic Japanese cuisine to international dishes, allowing guests to embark on a gastronomic journey without stepping outside the hotel.

Whether you’re an explorer with a keen interest in Kyoto’s rich cultural tapestry or a gourmand in search of extraordinary dining experiences, the Kyoto Hotel Okura is equipped to meet your every requirement with its prime location, opulent accommodations, and diverse culinary offerings.

Kyoto Hotel Okura includes its classic atmosphere of tranquility and comfort that harmonizes the distinctiveness of Kyoto with European tastes. It offers a relaxing location with views of the Higashiyama mountains and city streets.

Many of Kyoto’s renowned places of interest are within a short distance of the hotel, making it an excellent base for sightseeing excursions. The hotel also offers a free broadband network in all guest rooms.

7. The Celestine Kyoto Gion

Situated in the historic Gion district, The Celestine Kyoto Gion presents a unique gateway to experience Japan’s rich geisha culture.

The hotel features chic rooms adorned with modern decor, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape, thus blending contemporary luxury with cultural heritage. Its strategic location provides effortless access to renowned landmarks such as the Kiyomizu Temple and Yasaka Shrine.

For those in search of a peaceful haven amidst the city’s vibrant life, The Celestine Kyoto Gion offers a tranquil atmosphere complemented by captivating garden views.

In addition to these, the hotel provides a personalized hospitality experience that blends seamlessly into the culture of Kyoto.

It also offers a relaxing private space, allowing guests to unwind and feel at home. The hotel’s design incorporates Japanese traditions and the history of Kyoto, creating a comfortable private space where guests can relax in the atmosphere of Kyoto.

8. Hotel Granvia Kyoto

Hotel Granvia Kyoto is a prime choice for travelers due to its direct connection to Kyoto Station, offering convenience and easy access. The hotel’s luxurious rooms are meticulously designed to ensure maximum comfort and are outfitted with contemporary amenities to meet the needs of all guests.

From their rooms, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the city, immersing themselves in the enchanting beauty of Kyoto. Whether traveling alone or with family, the spacious and elegantly furnished rooms guarantee a delightful stay.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto takes pride in its diverse culinary offerings. Guests can treat themselves to a variety of mouthwatering dishes at the buffet restaurant or experience the rich flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine at the on-site sushi bar.

More than just providing first-rate accommodations, Hotel Granvia Kyoto is committed to delivering exceptional service with meticulous attention to detail. This ensures that every guest’s needs are promptly and efficiently addressed throughout their stay.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto is part of the visually striking JR Kyoto Station Building Complex, which also houses a department store, museum, musical theater, and a vast underground shopping mall. This location provides direct and easy access to and from Kansai International Airport and major metropolitan destinations across Japan.

The hotel also boasts over 1,000 pieces of contemporary artwork, fitness facilities, and complimentary high-speed internet access in all rooms. For added convenience, guests staying on the Granvia Floors can access the Granvia Lounge.

9. Hyatt Regency Kyoto

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto, a stylish sanctuary located in the captivating Higashiyama district, offers guests a unique blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary comfort. Surrounded by historic temples and shrines, the hotel provides a luxurious haven for travelers.

The hotel’s spacious rooms, which harmoniously fuse traditional Japanese design elements with modern amenities, offer guests a lavish retreat. The rooms also include a balcony and a dressing room, providing an added layer of luxury.

One of the hotel’s standout features is its tranquil garden. This serene oasis, nestled in the heart of vibrant Kyoto, allows guests to immerse themselves in the splendor of Japanese nature without leaving the hotel grounds.

Culinary enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s array of restaurants, which serve a diverse range of delectable cuisine, from authentic Japanese dishes to international favorites.

For guests seeking to unwind and rejuvenate, the Hyatt Regency Kyoto houses a top-tier spa. Here, guests can indulge in a variety of treatments designed to pamper the body and soothe the mind. Whether it’s a relaxing massage or a revitalizing facial, visitors are assured of a luxurious spa experience.

Fitness enthusiasts will value the 24-hour gym facilities available at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto. Equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and professional trainers, guests can maintain their workout routine while enjoying amenities like hot tubs for post-workout relaxation.

Additional features of the hotel include a bureau de change and a lift. The hotel also offers rental bicycles, allowing guests to explore the city at their own pace. The hotel’s team of expert concierges carefully curates tours and programs that offer insight into Japanese culture, catering to the needs of both business and leisure travelers.

The Hyatt Regency Kyoto, with its world-class service and amenities, promises a memorable stay for all its guests.

10. Kanra Kyoto

Kanra Kyoto is a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility, skillfully blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary design elements. The hotel’s spacious suites are crafted to provide unparalleled comfort, boasting private gardens and wooden bathtubs for a truly lavish stay.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Kyoto’s city center, Kanra Kyoto offers a serene retreat, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the city’s lively energy. The hotel’s minimalist decor, featuring tatami mats, encapsulates the essence of Kyoto, enabling guests to immerse themselves in the splendor of Japanese culture.

For those seeking a sophisticated yet authentic lodging option in this historic city, Kanra Kyoto emerges as a premier choice. Whether it’s a leisurely walk to nearby attractions or relishing the exquisite kaiseki cuisine made with fresh local produce, guests are bound to appreciate the meticulous attention to detail and exceptional hospitality that Kanra Kyoto offers during their stay.

The name “KANRA” is derived from the words “Kan” (experience) and “Ra” (Kyoto), symbolizing the hotel’s mission to help guests “experience” the spirit of this “city” that embraces the beauty, wisdom, and hospitality of Japan.

The hotel also offers a unique dining experience at Teppan HANAROKU, where dishes with Japanese seasonal ingredients mainly from Kyoto are served. You can also enjoy Wagyu beef with specially selected sake from small sake breweries in Kyoto. The hotel also offers a Kyoto-style spa for ultimate relaxation.

one of the best luxury hotels in Kyoto with traditional Japanese design


You’ve now got the lowdown on the best luxury hotels in Kyoto. From the opulence of The Ritz-Carlton to the tranquility of Aman Kyoto, these spots offer a slice of paradise in Japan’s cultural capital. Whether you’re after top-notch service, breathtaking views, a serene escape, or even proximity to local arcades for some entertainment, these hotels have got you covered.

Now it’s time for you to pack your bags and indulge in the luxury that Kyoto has to offer. Make your choice, book your stay, and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this enchanting city. Your dreamy getaway awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto, worth the splurge?

Absolutely! The Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto offers a luxurious experience with impeccable service, stunning views of the city, and exquisite amenities that make your stay truly unforgettable.

What makes the Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto stand out among others?

The Four Seasons Hotel in Kyoto stands out for its exceptional blend of traditional Japanese design and modern luxury. From serene gardens to top-notch dining options, it promises an unparalleled stay experience.

Why choose Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Kyoto?

Suiran is a gem nestled along the Hozu River, offering a tranquil escape with its historic charm and scenic surroundings. Its attention to detail and unique cultural experiences set it apart from other luxury hotels.

What sets the Park Hyatt Kyoto apart as a luxury hotel option?

The Park Hyatt Kyoto stands out for its elegant design inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. With panoramic views of the Higashiyama Mountains and superb hospitality, it creates an exclusive retreat for discerning travelers.

How does Aman Kyoto redefine luxury accommodation standards?

Aman Kyoto redefines luxury through its secluded setting amidst nature’s beauty. The property exudes serenity with minimalist yet sophisticated design elements while providing personalized service that caters to every guest’s needs.

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